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Remote Possibilities Your sole source for ECU's - Enviromental Control Units for over 20 years, Also, Voice & Switch Controls, Automatic Doors, Bed Controllers
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Pilot Pro ECU
Item Number: ECU001
Base Model: #8400 with Voice
Suggested Retail: $

Natural Speech Recognition for Controlling your Environment!

The Pilot Pro converts spoken commands into signals that control up to 256 devices within multiple environments and locations, such as your home, the office and each room of your home.

It is possible, by voice alone, to control the television, computer, telephone, lights, door systems, and so much more!

Pilot Pro's portability and programmability is designed for use in the home, at the workplace, in nursing homes and in hospitals.

Key Features
  • Portable with Quick Change holster mount
  • Voice and Configuration files can be easily backed up and restored to/from a PC
  • Back-lit display and auditory feedback
  • Control household electronics via infrared (IR)
  • X10 control supported through built-in radio transmitter
  • Weighs only 10 ounces
  • Single or Dual switch input with or without scanning
  • Uses rechargeable batteries (6 hour life) and can also use standard AA cells in an emergency

More Information


  • Speech (Voice) Recognition
  • Dual switch or single switch with scanning
  • 64 individual words available with multiple command use through menu structure
  • Internal microphone
  • Jack provided to connect an external microphone or headset, allowing for greater distance between the user and the Pilot Pro
  • External keys for caregiver use
  • Infrared transmitter for control of your household consumer electronics
  • Radio transmitter for X-10 control of household appliances
  • Internal loudspeaker
  • Jack provided for the connection of an external loudspeaker or a headset for privacy
  • Voice feedback on menu commands, acknowledging acceptance of your voice command
  • Auditory feedback on scanning
  • A customized menu tree is developed directly through the unit or through a PC to control up to 256 different devices
  • Infrared or radio frequency commands are linked to voice commands
  • The configuration and voice files can be backed up onto a computer for easy recovery in the event of data loss

The Pilot Pro can control up to 256 different electronic devices such as lamps, fans, home entertainment, etc. it's menu is custom designed for the individual user, allowing for not only multi-room separate menus, but for multi-locations such as home or office as well. The following is a simplified example of a Pilot Pro menu:

  • Home
    • Bedroom
      • Lights On
      • Channel Up
      • VCR Record
    • Living Room
      • Answer Phone
      • Channel Up
      • TV On
      • Dim Lights
    • Kitchen
      • Answer Phone
      • Lights On
      • Lights Off
  • Office
    • Lights On
    • Answer Phone
    • Dial Phone

Multiple commands can be associated with a single voice command. For example, the voice command "Good Night" could have IR and X10 commands assigned to it that would turn off lights and appliances throughout the house. Macros are one of the Pilot Pro's most powerful features.

Voice and Configuration Data Backup

A feature unique to the Pilot Pro ECU is the ability to backup the user's voice and configuration files from the Pilot Pro to a computer disk. This feature protects the investment in time used to configure and train the Pilot Pro, and also makes updating or adding commands to the Pilot Pro a quick and simple process.

Remote Possibility(s) can back up the menu configuration and the voice training files to a PC, and if the unit should break or otherwise be disabled, a "loaner" Pilot Pro can be downloaded with a copy of the configuration and overnight shipped to the customer, thus reducing down time to 24 hours, not several days or weeks.

Once the unit is repaired, Remote Possibility(s) can re-load the customer's configuration back into it and ship it to them. This "Back-up" feature is unique to the Pilot Pro ECU. It means less downtime for the customer, and less cost in repair in that Remote Possibility(s) does not need to make a special trip to the client's home to pick it up and return it.

In addition, should the customer want to add a new device such as a new television or other device, all they need to do is send us the remote control, and we can download the codes and then send the client the new configuration on a disc for them to download into the Pilot Pro. This means that expensive and time-consuming service calls are not needed to keep the client's Pilot Pro configured for the devices in their environment.

Power Options

The Pilot Pro can be powered by AC current, but it also comes with rechargeable batteries that will operate the Pilot Pro for about 6 hours when fully charged. Should the need arise, the Pilot Pro can also be operated with standard AA alkaline batteries as an emergency power source.

Physical Characteristics
  • 7.0 x 3.0 x 1.75 inches, weight: 10 ounces
  • 18.4 x 7.2 x 4.4 centimeters, weight: 270 grams
Optional Accessories
  • Pilot Pro Mounting System (Model 8420)
    The mount attaches easily to a wheelchair, bed or table and is very versatile. With the purchase of an additional mount and holster, the Pilot Pro can easily be moved from the bedroom to the wheelchair and back. The holster system allows the unit to be removed and replaced very quickly, with no bolts, clamps or screws to deal with
  • Possum Sero IR Telephone
  • Tash IR Bed Controller (Model 8450)
  • X10 Modules and Accessories
  • Switches (Many different types and styles)

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