Gentleman Door Operator


This kit includes the Pneumatic opener, Hydraulic closer, Liftmaster MyQ wireless controls, Latch Release Kit, 100’ air tubing, 12 VDC Solenoid, 12 VDC Power Supply, compressor fitting, and mounting hardware. Not recommended for entry doors with sidelights. Air Compressor not included, please add to order if needed.

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The Original Gentleman will automatically unlatch your door and open it when activated and close your door and re-latch it when deactivated! The door and door lock both function normally when operated manually. The hydraulic closer will always closes the door after manual or automatic opening of the door. The Latch Release Kit cleverly pushes the latch into the door as the opener is activated, unlatching the door, even if it is locked!

The pneumatic tubing and the remote system are all plug and play, but you may need a handyman to install the Original Gentleman. You receive a wireless remote and plug-in receiver to control the Original Gentleman. If you have an existing system you wish to control the Original Gentleman with, we can customize the activation system to fit your needs!

You will need a source of compressed air to operate the Original Gentleman. You can locate a small air compressor in the garage, basement, or anywhere up to 125 feet away! We offer the Senco PC1010 Air Compressor for it’s size and quiet operation, but most any compressor will do the job. Additional tubing and connectors are available, please call.

You may need the optional Assist Cylinder Kit to solve issues with Magnetic Weatherstrip, Stack Pressure, or circumstances where the door needs an additional push to allow the opener to swing the door open.



Installation Manual