Universal Devices Automation Controller Hub ISY994i


The ISY (Intelligent System) isn’t just another command/control hub. The ISY994i/IR PRO is a fully independent, stand-alone home automation device. Its built-in event-based logic system, secure web server, and real-time clock keep the ISY and your configurations safe from internet outages. The Universal Devices experience comes with a large variety of tutorials, top-rated customer support, and a helpful, thriving online community to help you automate your home easily and quickly.

The ISY994i is designed for use with your Infrared Remote (IR), INSTEON, and X10 devices.

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Automate with Amazon Alexa Devices


The ISY994i/IR PRO works with the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. Through ISY’s connection with Amazon Alexa, you can turn your devices and applications on or off, as well as dim or brighten them. The same Alexa connection can also change your thermostat and start/stop your custom ISY programs.

What You Can Do With the ISY – Alexa Connection

  • Turn room lights on or off
  • Brighten or dim room lights
  • Set, increase, or decrease your thermostat’s temperature
  • Ask if the front door is locked or unlocked
  • Lock the door
  • Adjust devices and settings by variables: i.e. “turn X to Y percent”

Create a Smart Home From Your Smartphone


With the MobiLinc apps (for iPhone users: MobiLinc Pro, MobiLinc HD, and more; for Android users: MobiLinc Pro), you can fully automate your home’s ISY devices right from your smartphone, no matter where you are. The MobiLinc apps have simple, streamlined interfaces, making adjusting settings to your preferences easy.

Some of the many possible MobiLinc settings and capabilities: turn on the lights in your rooms, open your garage door, check the footage of your security cameras, and create notification settings based on if a sound breaks your chosen audio level or if connection between a camera is lost.

The iPhone MobiLinc apps are compatible with all iOS 11+ iPads and iPhones (including iPhone Plus models), and MobiLinc Pro supports all Androids 2.3 and above.

ISY User Guide


ISY 994i Setup Guide