X10 Pro Wall Switch XPS4


  • The XPS4 is the NEW VERSION of the XPS3!
  • New updated Relay
  • Box includes both white and ivory rocker switch
  • 3-Way & Single Pole
  • Turn on your ceiling & wall fixtures from anywhere in your house

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The XPS4 is the NEW VERSION of the XPS3! It has been updated and upgraded! Use this relay switch for any sort of appliances, fans, or lighting. Works great with the newer alternative lighting (incandescent, halogen, LED, etc). This is a 20 Amp switch and it can handle most 120v appliances. It does require a neutral wire. This switch is built with a new, more reliable relay. It is also almost silent! The older XPS3 switch had a very audible noise when turning on and off, no longer! The switch also has AGC (automatic gain control). What this means for you is a more reliable X10 experience as the AGC will weed out some of the line noise directly surrounding the switch. This switch also houses our Night Light feature. This makes the switch ultra easy to find at night and gives the switch a very classy look! We have made sure to not make it too bright, just a simple glow that will assist you in locating the light during the darkest of nights.